Sunday, August 27, 2006

Thinking more & more the past few days about making a children's television pilot. In addition to my undying love for the medium, the routine activities of so many of my friends seem ready to slide seamlessly into this new context in a way which would magically imbue them with mass appeal. It's odd how children's tv seems to be the one place in the mass media where artistically interesting things are routinely allowed to appear, don't know how much of this is driven by indifference on the part of execs to what is a bit of a cultural ghetto, how much by genuine concern for the well-being of children. Anyway, it's easy, it's cheap, let's go & do it.

Autumnal weather = autumnal moods, feeling more myself all the time, Götzen-Dämmerung and all that. Odd wellings up of emotion, such a big sissy, no doubt deserve a sound beating.

Have a data rescue attempt scheduled for later, hope it works out, always makes me happy when it does.

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