Thursday, August 17, 2006

Idyllic morning watching squirrels play in the yard, weird segue from 'Sooper Trooper' to 'They Walked in Line' while walking dog cast a shadow cross the brain, provoked vague utopian planning. Somebody should analyze word frequency on this thing, think it might be revealing.

Excessive workload leaving me a shadow of my former self, need some new playmates, seems like all the kids round here are either too vicious or not vicious enough, really the requirements are kind of excessive, feel a bit like one of those companies advertising for people with 10 years J2EE experience, only, you know, self-aware. An outlier on far too many curves, I will die alone & unmourned, light a candle for me in a thousand years, will you, my robotic descendents, I was born too early.

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