Friday, August 18, 2006

Server catastrophe brought me into work slightly after waking up, still not showered, problem is fixed anyway. Anybody who isn't opposed to strong body odor want to celebrate? Should probably just wash but already being sucked into yet another British mystery program. In a way, disaster was welcome as it broke up the tedium of the planned excessive work.

Had a nice lunch with coworkers celebrating Mary's birthday, had a nice chat about politics to which I tried to add my customary negativity and pessimism no doubt to everyone's fascinated delight. Tiresome, that's me.


Paris said...

As one of the coworkers I must say that the pessimism is barely adequate considering the Current State of Affairs. Your saturnine view is barely keeping up with the Neo-Macs. [="Neo-Macchiavellians" for anyone other than dbr who will have figured that out]

dbr said...

Oh, but I was kind of soft-pedaling it.