Sunday, August 06, 2006

The sound of a bicycle wheel or a dead leaf rolling on pavement, is 'Erinnerung' an onomatopoeia, is 'onomatopoeia'? Old fantasies of intensifying the iconicity of language die hard- I'm just not the person for it, honestly, ask someone else. Should hire an observer for this melancholy as the volunteers don't show up after the first few days, lack of enthusiasm & who am I to tell them they're wrong? Nobody, that's who.

So tired of the marketplace of ideas & the unending mindless slaughter which fuels it, so tired of all the machines and their even more mechanical tenders, so tired of being tender, of being tenderized by the endless, pounding stream of images- remember a short story I wrote once, very short, starting "She fucks like a piston," and all the criticism I got for that, well, you were wrong, that's just how it was.

I tried to explain to a friend several years ago, a film student, a metaphoric complex which seemed very important to me at the time involving clocks, automata & film cameras, how many dreams there have been of a world without people, everything sliding into effervescence, what makes a melon ball bounce?

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