Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Went out for a last sleepy walk with the dog & people were screaming & hitting each other on a high balcony of the apartment building across the street. All the stupidity and sadness is a bit much. Thought about calling the cops, not much of a one for calling the cops, by the time I got back from walk, five police cars were lined up in front of the building, hope nobody's dead.

Nightmares are better than some drunk asshole beating the shit out of me, I guess. Maybe I'll go get some bread so I can make a tomato sandwich. Maybe tomorrow, too tired.

Sandwich, sandwich,
tomato sandwich,
sing me your tomato song.
The beatings, unceasing,
mutilation, terror,
sing me your tomato song.

Please stop hurting yourselves & each other, love you folks, sleep tight.


Anonymous said...

what kind of bread did you use; did you toast it; which brand of mayo. how about the salt: hope it was kosher. pepper? lettuce? oh and were the tomatoes heirloom straight from mountainview farm. hope they had never been refrigerated.
you know what's missing. time for a trip to outlook. shhh don't tell p.

dbr said...

Didn't actually make one, wrote little song as sad substitute. The tomatoes are from the farm & definitely unrefrigerated. Tend to prefer using crap store bought white for these, untoasted, would probably use sea salt as that's what's on the table, tellicherry pepper for same reason, would need to get mayo, preferred brand not sold in New England, so it would require thought. Actually have all the makings of a blt otherwise, would probably toast the bread for that.