Sunday, August 06, 2006

When one finally realizes that all the repetition and cliche can't be removed without utterly falsifying thought, a new and total freedom of action becomes possible. Sadly, no one ever realizes this.

A certain tendency to more or less empty abstraction may be noticed, this is normal and not a cause for concern. The unshared & unshareable beauty of this day, on the other hand, will never be adequately mourned, though I spend the rest of my days, as I will, wrapped in a darkness so total that it pains the eye. Ha ha ha.

Walk the dog now, peach pie later?


Anonymous said...

This story at the bbc indicates that all is not lost, just very very badly misplaced.

dbr said...

Your comment provoked a series of déjà vus so intense I am thinking of having myself institutionalized, thanks for your well intentioned remarks, in any case. luv/dbr

Anonymous said...

We already are institutionalized. It's an Institutionalized-Without-Walls program and we can use the same nickname as we did for IWW.