Saturday, August 26, 2006

Just spent over an hour on the phone explaining to my dad how to set up the same email account on two different computers, if you were thinking about setting up a tech support hotline for dyslexics, all I can say is, don't. Made myself a pretty stiff vodka and 1/2 lemon/1/2 grapefruit soda halfway through the call, looking into having myself copied onto chips to be implanted in others' brains, let the chips suffer, I say.

Was thinking about going & catching some pop music in town, think I'm going to stay in & watch cartoons instead, in a funny emotional state, if I were to go out, might find myself married by morning and who'd clean up the bodies of all the disappointed young ladies after? Doesn't bear thinking about, me & Peretz remain Northampton's most eligible.

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