Sunday, August 13, 2006

Strange evening, last, was going to go to see some music, heard about some preferable music, ended up going to neither, instead having vodka with what was supposed to be bitter lemon but wasn't with Joel, went with him to W. Springfield to check out Charlie's Diner which he'd heard somewhere was open late, turned out it was but only from 11pm-4am, Fri-Sat & we got there at 10:30, investigated Witch Path, took a walk around the common in the meantime, groovy old graveyard by the Congregational church, inadvertently frightened a lady buying liquour from the package store by the rotary, finally went to diner. OK, but no great shakes, kind of pricey, soda shop is still a go. May look into buying orange house at end of Witch Path, converting to appropriate religion.

Just back from work, making more coffee, was going to do laundry but machines are occupied by neighbors, trying to plan a fun day but nothing's happening. Really, though, the natural beauty of the day is such that it will all probably work out in the end.

Been spending a lot of time thinking about elevated topics of distinction but not writing about any of it, so if you'd like to be touched by a more sublime cast of thought you'll need to actually deal with me in person (there are, of course, a host of other vendors of this stuff, but a lot going around these days is more ersatz than ursatz, caveat emptor).

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