Monday, August 28, 2006

Nice walk, nice chat, air got more pleasant, insects quieted down, though still dimly humming. Going to go kick around outside some more with dog, I think, then maybe read a bit.

Ding! More MySpace spam, wonder if this is because I actually logged on to the thing earlier to send a message to an old college pal who I had a dream about last night, only to find in the morning that it was her birthday. Don't think I ever knew what her birthday was, anyway, here's the part of the message recounting the dream:

'had a dream last night about you calling me on the phone, wondering if I had a pair of tweezers you needed 'for a friend', asked if you couldn't just go buy a pair, response was garbled, couldn't find one, went and bought one myself after examining a large number of varieties, called back and you had gone & bought one.'

Peace & love.

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