Saturday, August 19, 2006

It's the first time since it arrived in the mail that an Inspector Frost dvd isn't paused in my dvd player, so I'm listening to 'I Hear a New World'. Wow, very intense, anybody who wants to have a record party with cocktails let me know.

Didn't manage to go to the Peach Festival (maybe tomorrow?) but did get more soda, had Polish Dish at Polish Delicatessen, rode around in a Scion being test driven, apparently it's "the most practical car on the market." You know how we like that.

Got called into work to fix a small networking problem, should really replace that switch.

Thinking of making a mixture of mushroom and spinach & cheese pierogies with bacon and caramelized onions later. The decadence of two meals in a day involving both pierogies and bacon concerns me not one wit, in fact I'm rather looking forward to being scolded for it, my dear.

I'm told endless rain is coming, oh drear day.

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