Monday, October 30, 2006

Surprisingly productive & pleasant workday, got a little too tired to do much useful for the last couple hours, typical, agitate for the 30 hour workweek, would you, if you have time? Peretz seems to be having a minor digestive disturbance, luckily don't feel too attached to my sheets (nothing's happened to them yet, mind, but I've had experiences). Mindless routine = best thing for me, maybe I should remove some of the frontal lobe for good measure.

Had it with defective parasympathetic nervous system, going to bang on a counter somewhere & demand a replacement, might go overboard, end days in darkened cell, swinging from end of rope. Maybe you could write a country song about it.

T's watching Curb Your Enthusiasm, not much in the mood for uncomfortable social situations, still pretty funny.

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