Monday, July 30, 2007

Came home, very tired, started making frittata with summer squash, tomato & a jalapeño, shouldn't've, about halfway through making it got extremely upset, was mean to T, once it was done had to take a walk around the block then hide in the dark briefly. In any case, it's quite tasty.

Been left more fragile than I once was, probably good I'll soon be living alone.

Doesn't really do for me to allow myself to get tired, I start cracking up. No real way around it, never been any good at sleeping, it's worse now than it's been for several years, going to be very tired a lot if I make any sort of effort to maintain a normal schedule, for whatever reason I feel compelled to do that rather than melt into a puddle of irresponsibility. Stupid of me, probably.

Need to walk Peretz, hard to get up.

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