Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Came home for lunch early so I could make a house call in a timely fashion, was making myself a quesadilla, got call from work indicating that T1 was down, went back to work, talked to ISP, T1 came back up, made arrangements to be a little late for house call, came home again & walked Peretz, sweaty as hell.

Was faced with a problem of how best to go about trusting somebody I trust very much a while back, whether to believe the things she was saying or believe the things that made me trust her so much to begin with. Made me a bit of a confused mess, I'm afraid, pretty sure now I should've just gone with the second option, am trying to continue going with that now. It's kind of hard.

Was bored earlier, reading over this thing, I know it pretty much reads like one endless plaint, but it isn't really, I've been feeling a lot of unpleasant ways and have been trying to describe them accurately, but no complaints at all, feeling very fortunate actually.

OK, house call.

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