Friday, September 29, 2006

People are for the most part both reasonably nice and incredible assholes, they deserve no credit for the niceness & no censure for being assholes, they're just not worth bothering with.

Got this mass mailing from NoPornNorthampton today full of pitful attempts at powerful rhetoric and things I imagine the writers think of as subtly persuasive, a long list of porn titles, some with descriptions, that I guess I'm supposed to be horrified by. Never really given much of a damn about stuff like this myself, sure exploited workers, people treated as sex objects, what else is new? What's the problem with treating people as sex objects anyway, they certainly are, among other things? My impression is that all these people actually care about is the value of their precious houses and the coddling of their precious offspring. As I would prefer the value of their houses to go down so I could afford one & their children to be corrupted so they'd eventually be worth talking to, it's hard to be too sympathetic.

OK, stuff to do.

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