Saturday, August 18, 2007

Went to El Guanaco for pupusas & fried plaintains, hadn't been there in ages, food's still tasty & cheap, service still strange & wonderful. Headed to Ludlow for local soda after, went down 33 past Dairy Queen to which, as far as historians can reconstruct from documents surviving the burning of the Library at Alexandria, I have never been.

Got myself a very straightforward assortment of quart soda bottles, equal parts Orange Dry, Half Grapefruit/Half Lemon, Pale Dry Ginger Ale. On the way out, noticed there were some new types of the small bottle, with labels of long dead soda companies, I'd not seen before. Couldn't resist getting a case of those as well, not sure what to do with them, selection is tailored to the taste of people who've forbidden me to have anything to do with them, maybe someone would like to drop them off in Holyoke for me? Maybe not. Maybe I should have a dinner party or something in my newly spacious apartment. Book group. Ludlow night. Taco night.

After that, stopped by Ludlow Central Bakery, got a loaf of crusty bread to go with the hearty vegetable soup I'm planning to make later, some sonhos. Such a beautiful day for driving around eating sonhos that I considered also going to Enfield, checking out fruit pierogi selection, decided I'd rather be home with Peretz.

Thinking about fruit pierogis got me thinking about Friendster testimonial that remains the most accurate assessment of me I've ever seen: "the boy tells the most sordid stories. but don't let that fool you into not calling him if you need a ride to the hospital, or if you come upon some peach pierogies in chicopee." Still a bit of mystery how the person who came up with that could also come up with some of the most wrongheaded judgments of me I've ever heard. Perhaps her thinking about other people is a bit like her skee ball game?

More likely she was just trying to hurt my feelings, oh well, less interesting. Anyway, she succeeded.

Driving home up 91 got called by T, ensconced in new place, drinking coffee. Says when she closed her eyes on plane, all she could see was Peretz.

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