Sunday, August 19, 2007

Went & had a look at coveted property, really amazing light, large eccentric internal spaces suggestive of a wide variety of interesting uses, would require a great deal of effort to be made habitable (e.g., ancient gas oven is sole heat source, no shower). Probably more work than I want to do, still tempted by it, going to let it sit on the market and see what happens and how I feel about it, keep looking at three families. Took some snaps of the interior.

Went by Big E's after to get some garlic, strangely they were fresh out. Need to do something else with my eggplants, I guess, a curry maybe, perhaps with a touch of cardamom. Got nice local peaches, dry beans, local milk, Berry Berry Kix, snickerdoodles, yogurt, onion & tomatoes for curry, cheddar cheese. Got some prefabricated cheese blintzes that I'm going to heat up in a minute for a melancholy solo brunch. Really like Big E's, makes the weird old house/bakery more tempting.

Really in a great deal of pain, not just emotional, nice change in a way, provides an opportunity to compare & contrast.

Will maybe watch Top Hat while I eat my blintzes.

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