Friday, August 17, 2007

Started tidying up.

Lit a candle, put on Donovan record, did some dishes, took the trash out.

Went upstairs, started moving things around, throwing things away, hung some jackets in the closet. Started making myself an art workspace on a big table. Found a cd boombox T left behind, put it on top of a dresser, plugged it in, went downstairs, got 'Chairs Missing' to play on boombox. Started throwing things away. Put away ironing board I never use. Moved rickety dorm room type cd rack into room with boombox, started bringing excess cds from downstairs, putting them on rack. Found cd-r of 'I' plus 'songs you're sure to hate,' shows what you know. Will listen to that later.

Lots to do, but it's kind of fun. Things will be shipshape in no time.

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