Sunday, August 19, 2007

Tried to watch Follow the Fleet, started cleaning again. Decided I'd done enough cleaning, went over to work & rebooted some servers. Came back, Peretz was upset with me for having gone away, tried to watch Follow the Fleet, started cleaning again.

Back to trying to watch Follow the Fleet now, favorite number on now, "I'm Putting All my Eggs in One Basket"- think that may be my favorite Astaire/Rogers number period, actually. Rather than paying attention to it, I'm doing this. A bit scattered.

Ah, the magic of rewind. Should set to applying that to actual life. Already works with me, of course, just need to ask and let me know where I need to get back to, fine memory, eager to please. Must be some way to make things that way generally, maybe Peretz has some preliminary designs, he does for most everything, the clever dog, regular Mr. Peabody.

Shit, I'll need to rewind again.

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