Saturday, June 30, 2007

Don't know why the disjunction between what I should be doing & what I'm actually doing hits me so hard sometimes, full moon certainly doesn't help. That's what I should be doing in idealized world where people actually get better & do healthy things, of course, what I should be doing in the actual world remains an open question. Considered in that light, papering over its hellishness with ironic detachment, activities with dog & casual gourmet cookery doesn't seem that unreasonable, actually.

Went and listened to some of that psychedelic music, Horse Spirit Penetrates made a very effective backing track to watching the Sox go down in defeat, kind of sad, never cared much about that sort of thing, now a bit of a fan out of sympathy I have nothing else to do with.

Sky remains very striking, interestingly textured cloud cover + bright full Moon makes for dramatic lighting effects.

Feels nice to be home again.

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