Saturday, June 30, 2007

Cooking up a storm was really enjoyable but left me feeling a little dazed, might be a good time to go get weekend work out of the way.

Like to share, having fewer people to share things with has been very difficult, weren't that many to begin with, perfectly capable of being independent, don't care much for it. Waves of melancholy, crap.

I've been hurt so badly I really don't know what to do, therefore haven't been doing much of anything, starting to kind of enjoy it, actually, but sometimes I relax too much & my mind starts to drift- sudden, horrifying pain, then I'm sad for a while.

Doesn't really interfere with my doing anything I care about, doesn't really matter.


LifeasIseeit said...

This is a very honest post.

Thank you for that. I feel much the same sometimes, I think we all do.

Who has hurt you?

dbr said...

A couple close friends of mine, just trying to look after themselves & each other, mostly my fault probably, was trying to do the same.

Anyway, you're welcome.