Thursday, April 26, 2007

Set out through the morning fog, got a bit snarled in rush hour traffic, left the car at Alewife. Ride on T a marked contrast to my last experience on the NY subway, wonder if I might actually enjoy living in Boston now, last time I lived there some pretty traumatic stuff went on, haven't had much desire to move back.

Anyway, silly IT business was on Tremont in a theater which is presenting "Persephone" with real naked people as I write, got to see some of the sad naked soul of American commerce instead, a few informative bits, went for lunch to restaurant down the street featuring meats of local provenance for some definition of local, not a dogmatist on these matters myself, had a nice if a bit dry brisket sandwich with handmade kraut, coworker a chicken salad with tarragon, enjoyably overdone French waiter, table out on the sidewalk, loud people at next people talking about their strong support for DRM and grotesque adoption procedures of the overprivileged.

When IT was done, it was so nice out we decided to walk to Charles MGH rather than a nearer station, when we got there we decided it was so nice out we should walk to Kendall, lovely light on the water.

So, at home:




Should probably get out more.

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