Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Had several dreams about being in restaurants, not eating, just walking around. One had one long high table, there were people at the table who I thought were the people I was there with, but were in fact Indians who strongly resembled them, next to them was a line of three unusually tall and strangely designed beer bottles.

Also dreamt of going to meet someone at Dalt's in Nashville 'after work,' though where I was supposed to be working in Nashville was a bit of mystery, used to go there occassionally with some people at my high school I was kind of peripherally associated with, haven't been there in ages. They make a good chocolate malt cake.

Anyway, I had several dreams like this, I was always supposed to be meeting people, they were never there & I got confused by the interior of the restaurant, the light, how to move around the closely set tables, etc.

Nobody died anyway, that's a plus.

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