Saturday, February 10, 2007

Stopped into work to check on status of issue from yesterday, ended up having longish conversation more or less on the topic of late capitalism, funny stuff. Trying to figure out ways to make myself useful on a doomed ship, the things I was happy with doing haven't worked out, would still like to keep myself busy and interested till we all go under.

Not as cold today, should probably take a long walk, clear my head.

Just got word of a show tonight, it's early, maybe I'll make it:

Tonight @ Mystery Train Records
in amherst.

Closing Reception for Lauren Pakradooni.
Her Intaglio prints have been up in the store
for a couple weeks now, they totally totally rule.
come check em out!

Music section:

Anthro Rex! Dan's 10 year anniversary!
come see the man become a legend. special
release of a new cdr, re-issue of two tapes!

Steamrollers! (also a special surprise cdr release!)
eastern mass's best bar band back on a special one
show tour. remember to tip the bartender?

John Shaw! special solo performance! organ worlds
and his beard will show up and totally impress!

come at 6:30.
it's free!

Really like Lauren's work, maybe I can see about getting my Leiris books back.

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