Sunday, February 04, 2007

Cold morning, snow freezing Peretz's paws, hands hurt, thinking about things that are worrying me, trying to be less worried, doesn't seem to be much reason to be less worried apart from my inability to do anything about the things I'm worried about, trying to let them shift into the background along with all the other things that worry me that I can't do anything about, but as these are closer to home, it's more difficult.

Anyone's behavior can be interpreted as selfish, it's usually not very interesting to do so, it also tends to produce a very skewed view of what people are actually like. If one needs to radically alter one's conception of another's self to explain their behavior, it's probably a bad explanation & another one should be generated. Trying to hold on to my basic understanding of some people in the light of some very distasteful behavior, getting better at it, slowly.

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