Saturday, February 03, 2007

The effect of snow on my state of mind has been quite amazing, pretty much everything in my life has been seeming totally wrong lately, having the weather at least behaving appropriately is a comfort. Have been feeling like the world is broken, finding pretty much everything terrifying, slowly feeling more prepared to face things and do my best, everything still seems almnost unbearably difficult, but I seem to have reserves of strength I was unaware of, will see how they hold up under continued slings and arrows, I guess.

Been under a lot of pretty severe pressure to be something other than myself, been experiencing some breakdown of personality as a result, seems to be coming back together, you gotta eat your spinach, baby.

Speaking of Popeye has got me thinking of a controversy I read about years ago where some Quakers were offended by Quaker Oats's use of the character, strong to the finish 'cause I eat my Quaker Instant Oatmeal, I'm Popeye the Quaker Man, while beating the hell out of Bluto or some such, offended their pacifist convictions, apparently. Anyway, strong and peaceful is what I'm going for, I love you all very much, you can even take me seriously, if you want.

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