Thursday, November 30, 2006

It's funny all the emphasis these days on self-promotion, why would anyone want everyone to notice them? Why are there no guides on how to stay invisible to everyone but the pure of heart? It's something I try to approximate anyway, you should try it too, the others don't really see you anyway, wouldn't it be nice if they didn't at all?

Ensconcing myself in various fortresses of solitude, baroque castles full of machines, is getting a bit old as a method, trying to think of different sorts of places to ensconce myself. A budding grove, perhaps.

Thinking about Bruno Latour, haven't read this one yet, thinking about picking it up. Managed to resist getting the new Pynchon book the other day, other things on my mind, want to keep them there for the moment.


Anonymous said...

There's a paradox in placing a comment like this on a blog, no?

dbr said...

You think so? Are you sure you understand what I wrote?

dbr said...

Maybe you should read 'The Purloined Letter'.