Friday, December 29, 2006

Went to Musical Picnic put on by my pal Chris last night, normally it's a potluck followed by people playing music together on the basis of drawn lots, but for a variety of reasons, holiday, illness, etc., nobody much showed up, so I just ended up playing music with Chris and a couple other people, still pretty fun.

Having trouble waking up, have dinner plans which seems increasingly elaborate with many people wanting to go, hope it all works out. Beginning to dread the drive home, should probably make hotel reservations somewhere in PA for tomorrow night, if I don't, I will probably endlessly defer stopping till I reach Northampton, and, given that it is supposed to be raining more or less the entire length of my drive, end with a days long headache.

Should do laundry before leaving.

After playing music last night, had longish conversation with Chris about frustrations of trying to get people interested in music, he's particularly tired of dealing with alternative media types, trying to sell them on publicizing stuff, I kind of suggested he give up on them, not really sure what would be most effective, he's done an awfully good job of keeping cool stuff happening down here, maybe whatever he's doing is worth the frustration? Anyway, sucks to listen to somebody who's done lots to make my hometown a better place sounding burned out & down on himself. You should send him a present &, if you work for the alternative press, perhaps you could kill yourself & make room for some new blood.

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