Tuesday, March 30, 2010

While I've been away:

Also, we got a cute little TV for K., who seems to like it. L. made delicious salty rolls. Trying to do vacation planning. Just sent off another job application. Dogs are sick of rain, sick of me, sick of their rainy day projects, and in Peretz's case, sick all over the carpet in the hall upstairs. Red planet take me home.


Tatyana said...

poor peretz
what garbage has he eaten now

No Stand In Will Do said...

yeah, tell us about the upchucking. this is new news to me

dbr said...

that happened on Friday, I think, seemed to get an upset stomach immediately after breakfast, then started eating grass wildly. later, he threw up both in the upstairs hall and in the back yard, much more voluminously in the yard, thankfully