Tuesday, March 23, 2010

So no practice after all, Andy had to go visit an in-law in hospital.

Show, though, good show. Could've done without the nearly dying on flooded roads driving home, can't have everything.

Inhospitable uncle. Fried chicken for dinner. Cookies from yesterday.

Twitchy, witchy. Ed Emberley on how to draw Fleetwood Mac with thumbprints and Flair pen.

Got an antique typewriter.


No Stand In Will Do said...

Don't forget those sauteed veggies! They were perfect.
garlic, onion, steamed carrots, parsley and spoon cabbage, seasoned with salt, pepper, lemon squeez'd, a capful of soy sauce, cooked in good olive oil. yum

dbr said...

Shhh, you're spoiling my impression of a malevolent carnivore.

No Stand In Will Do said...

yeah, yer fierce