Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Been thinking about stuff to write, also advertising models. Not actually writing much, obviously.

Neil wants a scifi script for one. One Hell Planet coming up, eventually, maybe.

Also, my hosting provider has broken my website, spent the early AM in support limbo, maybe they'll fix it later.

On the advertising front, the question foremost in my mind is "Why has no one tried to address the degradation of trust & consequently value caused by the chaotic sleaziness of web advertising?"

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No Stand In Will Do said...

this reminds me.
last night at the function, i spoke to likeminded revolutionaries about the stunning lack of real use of hugely popular social networking tools like facebook and twitter, etc by united states citizens and how deplorable our lazy asses are.
I would like to create a huge change in our political system and isn't our country for the people? my idea is this: get rid of EVERY current senator in office and force a replacement vote for all of them with the caveat that none of them can seek office again for ten (10) years. Be they good senators or bad senators they must be gone-there is too much bullshit in that arena.

of course this will never fly-what? United States citizens getting a change in their government? not in this place. people in Georgia, formerly the USSR, are more likely to take to the streets to protest a radio show than are we to squawk about the nonsense that has been occurring relentlessly in the senate.

so, what to do? create a rock musical about the four/five ordinary characters in an ordinary town who try to make this radical change in their government using social networks and their subsequent adventures/persecution.