Monday, May 10, 2010

Yesterday, back & forth to & from the Vineyard for some appalling teen choral music, overpriced chow, etc. Was nice to see people. Forgot my debit card at H&O the night previous, made for cash-starved island hijinks.

Work managed to intrude before we even got on the boat back. Spent most of today intruding more insistently.

Made some lazy green chile/cheese enchiladas. L. made a cake to replace the one swarmed by tiny black ants.

Another frost tonight.


Tatyana said...

can't believe it's frosting
how are pups?
lauri is amazing! screw those ants!

dbr said...

"Can't believe it's frosting" is exactly what those ants said.

Pups are good, hate those ants.

Tatyana said...