Friday, May 07, 2010

Pleased to have workweek over with.

Was just out running errands in the beautiful spring day, got a gallon can of Kikkoman, seems like old times.

Back in Nashville, post-flooding, there is a water shortage. Friends there are hawking floodbeard merchandise on the Internet.

May go to Martha's Vineyard Sunday for a choral concert depending on what the kid has to say about it.

Peretz seems to be feeling better.


Tatyana said...

i keep meaning to call and ask if your parents are ok
you didn't write anything, so i figured, they were?
also, do you think it was Peretz's arthritis acting up?
is he still eating glucosamine chews? do those seem to help?
love you guys!!!

dbr said...

Parents are just fine.

Yes, definitely arthritis, we're out of chews, but feeding him food with glucosamine, etc. in it. Should maybe get more chews or something also.