Sunday, August 16, 2009

Very hot & in the latter part, very humid, but all in all, a damn fine weekend. I vote yes for more shows in the park, Bunnybrains + little children at play = good times.

Pretty lazy day today, slept in while L. went to help make the Free Harvest Supper, went shoe shopping & to see District 9, came home & boiled some corn & made sandwiches, watched some Lost.

Peretz has a new plan wherein we buy 4 adjoining condos & Pickles supports us by running a B & B in one. Pickles wants his chef's hat & apron. L. wants none of it.

Me, I'm on the fence.


Anonymous said...

how was the movie? and what is peretz going to do for the b+b?

dbr said...

I thought the movie was pretty damn kickass, loved the alien weapons.

Peretz is going to sit back & watch the money roll in.

No Stand In Will Do said...

ok, first: the movie freaked me out but it was great.
second: I'm not totally against the condo/b+b idea, just not the location Peretz has chosen. If he wants to find us that situation by a lovely beach, yes, I'm in. But eschewing the Bricker in favor of this scheme in Greenfield? no way.