Thursday, August 06, 2009

Oh so dull have I become. New couch is a blast.

Seaside excursion mildly complicated by scattered thundershowers. Brisk, wavy beach. And cold.

Show at Brattle opened with comedy team, not half bad. Joe Pernice reads from his novel about Hitler moustaches, Joe Pernice covers the earth, Joe Pernice reads from his novel about Lou Barlow, Joe Pernice plays some originals. Chairs there narrower than I remember, must've done some improvements.

Thought the drive home would be cake under the high, full moon, but the damp made glare a problem. Also more construction than one could shake a stick at had one the urge to do so. Should've settled in Erving & wired for the dogs.

V, v, v. Swiveling so fast it looks still.

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