Tuesday, April 14, 2009

In further dog news, either Pickles or Berkeley smashed a small window in the door to the deck in an effort to get at each other, seems like only my dad ended up getting cut, but Pickles's protective cone was badly damaged & needs replacing.

Went & got fed hot dogs & such by Ben & Molly, tasty, tasty, potato salad with bacon, etc., etc. Nashville was derided, I mocked the skill set of catalogers, we were shown a spinning wheel & how to work it, asked about the latest fiction, as if any of us would know, made some vague suggestions anyhow, we did.

After that, L & I went out to a lousy show, left pretty quick, was free, interesting to see what had become of the Cannery.

Before all that, we all went out & got my dad a new imac. Helped set it up for a while, hopefully it's all set up.

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Anonymous said...

those dogs!