Tuesday, September 04, 2012

While there are always pretty major gaps between my rich inner life and what I am able to successfully express, as I suppose there are with everyone, mine seem particularly overwhelming to contemplate lately, much less try to bridge, though I've been doing quite a lot of both, to the exclusion of other things I should really be doing, honestly.

I've been very unsettled all summer, having difficulty concentrating, eagerly jumping into any activity that has me out and moving around. That's been fairly productive artistically, I guess, to the neglect of everything else.

Spent time looking at some old photos with T just before she left for the airport, I looked so calm and pleasant at 25 or whatever, I imagine I mostly look like that now as well.  Anyway, like I say, major gaps.  Night before that, she was over at the house, visiting with Peretz.  Realistically, it's likely to be their last visit. He's in the kitchen having some water now.

We did a lot of recording in a fancy recording studio last week, results sound pretty neat, lots of mixing to do.

Need to buy coffee, dog food, pick up farm share, maybe I'll even manage to cook some of it.

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