Monday, July 09, 2012

Overdid it a bit last night & knee is more sore than it has any need to be. Went over to friends' house, set up some synths, made 48 steamed buns, 32 with smoked pork and relish, 16 with banana, almond butter and cream cheese, then rushed down to band practice, knee stiffening to the point of discomfort at roughly 25 minute intervals.  Got home too tired to cope.

Back to work from pain vacation today, not dreading it as much as I expected.

Chris is coming up to play drums with us on a short tour at the beginning of August, really delighted. Frothy fucking Shakes.

Sometimes I start feeling like I'm really not too badly fucked up, then I detach a bit and observe my behavior more closely and, yeah, I'm really badly fucked up.

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