Sunday, September 18, 2011

So, yesterday, L. had gone to NYC for arty party.  Went over to Turners to see soapbox derby & check out Salvadoran pizza/burrito place Neil told me about the night before.

Ended up chatting with our carpenter more than watching race, pizza/burrito place seemed to have died quietly.  Got a little job moving some data around, came home & did that, then went out to get some fast food Chinese, egg roll, mei fun.

The egg roll, particularly, brought back post-Bar-Mitzvah money in the pocket, bought a lot of fast food egg rolls with that, those & kung pao chicken.

Anyway, mediocre but tasty Chinese, cheap, great.  We're living in the Land of Cockaigne, apart from the stupid venal murderous assholes dotting the landscape, of course.

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