Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What an odd day, woken at 4 AM by my mom telling me my dad was bleeding profusely from his mouth & who was my dentist & where was the nearest ER. Went & met the folks at the ER. Sat around for way too long, then, when my dad tried to sit up, alarming fainting episode complete with rolling eyes & spasming leg. Turns out his bp was 79/50 or somesuch, oy.

Anyway, he's been in the ER all day having saline & such inserted via tube and some sort of repair done to his bleeding tooth extraction cavity. He would like to be let loose already. Dogs have had enough of it.

Me, I got home from ER dawdling/breakfast with mom around 9 & did some fitful sleeping. Cold coffee, cold peach pizza.

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