Sunday, November 14, 2010

Last night, Jewish food week continued with kasha varnishkas, between the kugel and the kasha, ate a bunch of bagels and bialys. Think I'm boring the missus. Oh, well. Maybe I should make some corned beef or something.

Decided Friday I needed to go out & take some photos, so, at L's instigation, we headed out to Natural Bridge State Park yesterday, really lovely marble quarry, crazy light. Found a farm store I didn't know about on the way out, decent pie, have frozen pizzas from Zuppardi's, honey crisps, awesome. Would like to be touring about the countryside, finding more stuff like that & writing about it properly.

Heard earlier in the week from my friend Chris that their dog Cecil had died, sad, about the same age as Peretz, gives me the willies. Amazing little American Gentleman, would leap from a bed onto Chris's back and run up to his shoulder for a treat in his younger days. Smelled terrible.

Working on some English composition tutorials, they give some really terrible advice on rewriting sentences, dogmatic, no sense of style, happy to destroy sense. For the Canadians, sigh.

Even aside from the photos, been trying to make myself use computers & networks for stuff besides work more, working on a new website, soon it will be winter.


No Stand In Will Do said...

Why wasn't I given proper credit for the photographic outing location? Over here, fuming.

dbr said...

OK, OK, made an edit, happy?