Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Just watched Yojimbo again for the first time in ever so long. Enchanting, & of course the plot is a perennial favorite.

Henry's here, going to get the key to his apartment in the AM.

Dreamt that work would be pleasantly surprising & it was, though not as foreseen. Finally penetrated that voice mail box I had my eye on, nothing like an afternoon inside a strange system.

After two days home, finally made it to bed. Yesterday, fell asleep on the couch again, watching Night of the Generals, odd picture, should watch it again in its entirety.

Oh & the chili coconut fried shrimp at the H & O, oh wow, oh wow, oh wow.

Oh, oh, oh.



No Stand In Will Do said...

are you giving kisses and hugs to that shrimp or someone who reads your blog? love, literal wife

dbr said...

everybody, babe

No Stand In Will Do said...

give kisses to this shrimp

Tatyana said...

i give you guys kisses and hugs too