Thursday, October 15, 2009

Feet hurt.

Last night, after nice Ethiopian around the corner, walked down to Pennsylvania Ave trying to find caipirinhas (place was closed), did reconnoitering of White House.

This AM, walked back to White House in light rain. Took entertaining tour with security theater preshow. Taxi back to hotel in now heavier rain.

Brief rest.

Burger next block up (quite good), then walked to Metro station, train to postal museum, toured postal museum, train to Smithsonian, walked to Lincoln Memorial in still more rain, taxi to caipirinha place, caipirinhas, train to Portrait Gallery, a long hard look at the Portrait Gallery, short walk to nice Chinese, train back toward hotel, missed cross street coming back, ended up walking longer than we needed to in the ever present rain.

Feet hurt. More tourism tomorrow.

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