Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Horribly draining work experience continues.

Last night, after more of that, came home to sultry house & made a pasta salad while L. engaged in some mild inter-generational drama on the phone.

Went out to see some music at People's Pint after supper & a couple episodes of Freaks & Geeks, band I didn't realize I also saw up in Gill last year, very fast, with sheet music.

Driving home, a couple young dudes flagged me down, needed a ride to up by the high school, gave them one. NPR was on in the car, piano music. 'That Bach or Beethoven?" said one. "Certainly not Beethoven," said I. Some more desultory conversation ensued.

Glad I gave those kids a ride, would've been a long walk.

Walking the dogs this morning past where I picked them up, I told L. about it. She tells me I shouldn't be picking up strangers, might get my head bashed in, etc. Eh.

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No Stand In Will Do said...

I don't really care, just trying to fulfill job description.