Friday, June 19, 2009

Took Peretz to the vet, how he hates it, got him glucosamine chews for joint health, sweet old pup.

Washing machine has been having some problems the past few weeks, stopped working entirely with my wet, soapy laundry within. Washer tech coming on Monday, need to do my wash somewhere else tomorrow, I guess.

Dishpan hands.


Anonymous said...

what did vet say? does p have problem joints? what flavor are the chews? did he try to bite dr Katz? how is p feeling now?

dbr said...

have switched to a Greenfield vet. Vet says he seems to be in good health, could maybe use a tooth cleaning.

They clipped his nails & if they hadn't put on a little blue muzzle, I'm pretty sure he would've bitten them.

He seems a little off, but basically ok.